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Interior detail of loft conversion by Ely Design Group

Loft conversion view – Ely Design Group.

A loft conversion will add useful accommodation to your home and almost certainly increase its value!

At the time of writing, we are working on loft conversions with, and without home extensions, in Cambridge, South Cambs, Ely and the East Cambs area.
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What Are Your Loft Conversion Options?

Loft toilet and shower cubicle designed by Ely Design Group.

Shower room and toilet in a loft conversion designed by Ely Design Group.

Turning your unused roof space into living space is an extremely cost effective way to create extra rooms in your property as most of the structure is already in place. Loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look to increase the size of their home instead of moving. A modest loft conversion can be as low as £40,000 depending on the extent of the works required. By comparison, the cost of moving house, (over and above the additional cost of your mortgage), can easily be in the £15 – £20k range.

Almost all loft spaces can be converted providing there is sufficient space to stand up in the middle. As a rule of thumb, providing that the distance from the top of the ceiling joists to the underside of the ridge timber exceeds 2.4m then it should be possible to convert your loft. Whilst 2.4m sounds very generous, once additional structure is added (floor joists, ridge beam etc) this height will become nearer to 2.1m.

Here is a link to some of the loft conversions we have designed – LOFT CONVERSION DESIGN where you will be able to see a photo of the property and a drawing showing the loft conversion itself.

Here is an example of a loft conversion and house extension that we designed and project managed in Thoday Street, Cambridge.

Practical Loft Conversion Design Considerations

Convert your loft space to add valuation accommodation to your home. In properties which are not Listed, in conservation areas and/or have had their permitted development rights removed then we would recommend that dormers, (normally rear facing), are added to increase the amount of floor area within a loft conversion that has full height ceiling. An alternative to building dormers is to lower the floor; this will increase the available headroom but will obviously affect most, if not all, of the fist floor rooms. For further information about permitted development rights for loft conversions you can download our free information sheet by clicking here.

Some loft conversion companies and less experienced designers will tell you that roofs with modern trusses are not suitable for conversion. This is not true; we have not been presented with a property yet where conversion for structural reasons is not possible. At our initial meeting with you we can explain how your loft would be converted.

The Design Stage

Glazed screen to loft conversion designed by Ely Design Group.

Loft glazing detail of Thoday Street, Cambridge extension and loft conversion designed and project managed by Ely Design Group.

Depending on the location of your property, conservation areas for example, and/or the size of the conversion or other planning restrictions, planning permission may be required. During our initial meeting to discuss your requirements we will inform you of the requirement for planning permission for your loft conversion. Building regulations will be required for the conversion and we will discuss the implications of the building regulations for your loft conversion with you when we meet. In addition it may be necessary to comply with the Party Wall etc Act 1996 – again we are experts in the administration of this complex legislation and will provide guidance and advice to you.

Many of the stages during a traditional architectural design project will apply and you can find more information about these by clicking here.

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