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Quality house and bungalow design solutions for your dream home.

Ely Design Group chalet bungalow.

Chalet bungalow by Ely Design Group.

The vast majority of our workload involves residential property building design, including houses, bungalows, flats and apartments.

We also provide services associated with alterations, loft conversion design and designs for extensions to houses, bungalows and flats.

We design homes – the place you live in, entertain in, bring up children in, and grow old in! Our comprehensive design experience will enable us to match, and hopefully exceed, your needs and requirements for your new home. In addition to providing house design services for many self-build private Clients, we also provide extensive house design services for Housing Developers and Housing Associations.

As you might expect, there are too many examples to include them all on our website so please contact us to discuss your requirements. CONTACT US

Reliable, professional building design services

Housing development design by Ely Design Group.

Ely housing development by Ely Design Group.

Your design project will always be dealt with by one of the professionally qualified members of our practice, all of whom have many years of experience in house, bungalow and residential building design.

We always visit your site or property first so that we can fully appreciate the physical features of the site and assess the particulars of your site or property together with your requirements. We welcome your home design ideas – this is an essential starting point in the design process. This initial consultation is always FREE.

We will then confirm our fee structure for the services you require, in writing, prior to you incurring any expenses unless of course you instruct us to carry out the measured survey immediately, for example. We will ask for you to sign and return (or email) one copy of our letter as this will form a clear agreement between us.

By visiting the Architectural Services pages of this site you will see what services we can offer to assist with the design of your house. We are always happy to discuss your project requirements. Please provide your details at the bottom of this page and we will contact you at your convenience.

We tailor our services to suit you

Individual design by Ely Design Group.

Individual client-inspired design by Ely Design Group.

As our Client you are our focus and we strive to provide the services that will meet your needs. We do not insist on providing services that you are able or willing to manage yourself. For example, you may already know who your Builder is going to be and in this instance we would not insist on obtaining competitive tenders and providing contract administration services for you. If, however, when the construction works are being carried out on site, you need to discuss a particular technical matter then we can always be contacted – by you or your Builder. Furthermore we would be happy to visit the site to inspect the works at certain stages, if this is what you need us to do, and although there would be an additional charge for this, it would be significantly less than the fees associated with a full contract administration service.

We have various examples of properties we have worked on and, in some instances, we can arrange site visits for you to see a finished project which has been built from our design. Please follow this link to see examples of some of the properties we have designed – IMAGE GALLERY

Also, you can see what clients have said about us – REFERENCES

Ely Design Group is a flexible client-focused business that provides the architectural services you require.

We look forward to meeting you.

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