The Tender Process / Obtaining Quotations from Building Contractors.

tender-process-ely-design-groupThe tender process is the stage when a package of design information is presented to builders / contractors for them to give you, the client, a price and timescale in which to carry out the building works. By this stage it is likely that we will have obtained Planning Permission and Building Regulation consent for your project together with any other necessary statutory approvals. Together with considerable discussions with you, we will develop the drawings further to show services, finishes etc and sometimes window, door and finishes schedules are produced.

Depending on the scale of your project, we will describe the scope of the works in detail in either a specification / schedule of works or a bill of quantities; the later being aimed at larger and more complex projects. You will have a significant input at this stage in terms of finishes, service positions, colours etc. Indeed the more information that can be provided at this stage will allow the company pricing the works to submit a more accurate tender price.

We will agree with you which contractors will be invited to tender. If we are not familiar with contractors, we will obtain references and inspect examples of similar projects that they have worked on in advance (where necessary).

Keeping You Informed and Answering Your Questions

The tender package will also include a standard form of building contract to be used for the building works and we will have discussed the various forms of contract with you.

During the tender period we will answer any questions that the contractors may have and the contractors will be strongly advised to visit the site; if a contractor does not visit site and is subsequently appointed to carry out the works then claims for extras, which could have been seen during a site visit, will be rejected.

The contractors will submit their tender within three to four weeks (which ever is decided by you and us prior to inviting the tenders) and we will then prepare a details tender report. Normally this report will conclude which one of the tenders will be accepted and the contractor appointed. However, there is nothing to say that any of the tenders must be accepted and the process could be repeated using a selection of alternative contractors.

We will prepare the contract documents for signing by you and the appointed contractor.

We will attend the pre-contract meeting with you and your contractor.

The next stage in the process is

Contract Administration / Post Contract

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