If Planning Permission is required we will prepare and submit your Application as part of the Architectural Design Services we provide.

planning-applications-ely-design-groupThe need to apply for planning permission will be established at the initial meeting we have with you to discuss your project. For residential properties there are numerous changes, extensions, alterations which can be carried out to your property without needing to apply for planning permission; the works, providing they comply with the rules are deemed to have been granted planning permission by the Town and Country (General Permitted Development) Order and we will discuss these with you.

Further details can be found on our ‘Do I need Planning Permission’ page.

We have produced some FREE guides to permitted developments rights which apply to extensions, loft conversions and outbuildings for residential dwellings. Click here to download your FREE guides.

Sometimes clients may want some formal documentation from the Council confirming that the proposed alteration is permitted development. In these instances we will prepare and submit an application for a Certificate of Lawful Development. If granted, the Certificate will say that the proposal is lawful – in other words it is permitted development and therefore a formal planning application is not required.

Larger Schemes

On larger and potentially contentious schemes we would recommend that an informal approach is made to the Council before a formal planning application is submitted. This is know as a ‘Request for Pre-Application Planning Advice.’ It involves completing a simple application form, attaching any available drawings, paying the fee and submitting to the council who will respond within four weeks.

We submit almost all of our Planning Applications via the Planning Portal website. This process is quicker and ensures that the local authority received all of the information they require in order for them to consider the application. The drawings, forms, certificates, reports, design and access statement etc are all attached to the on-line application. This then enables the authority to distribute the relevant information to the various consultees and also make it available for the general public to view and comment on the application on-line.

Local Authority Obligations

When the relevant local authority has received the application they will carry out a validation check and, providing that the application meets their requirements, the application will be registered. The authority then has a statutory duty to determine the application within 56 days – larger applications take longer. If it is not possible to determine the application within the statutory timescale then the authority will request an extension of time. You also have the right to submit an appeal to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate against the non-determination.

Once your application has been registered you can follow the progress of it online.

If the application is refused then you can appeal against the decision to the Planning Inspectorate; if required we will obtain specialist professional opinion as to the chances of successfully appealing a decision.

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