You Can Download Your Party Wall Notices From Us – Free of Charge.

There are a number of Notices that you, as the homeowner/building owner can serve on your neighbours, in connection with the Party Wall etc Act 1996, without the need for instructing a surveyor specialising in Party Wall surveying work. For example, works to the party wall, excavations close to a neighbours property and/or building on or close to the boundary. Having said that you should note that the notice must be completed correctly otherwise the notice and everything following the notice would be invalid.

You may be interested to know that we offer a FREE Party Wall etc Act Compliance Check so that you will know what steps you need to take to comply with the Act – here is the link for more information.

FREE Party Wall etc Act Compliance Check

We provide the common Notices for you to download and fill-in to suit your project and these are provided free-of-charge. Please complete the short form below and we will send you an email, by return, with a link to the various notices. We would ask that if a dispute arises then you would consider appointing us to act as either your surveyor or the agreed surveyor who acts jointly for you and your neighbour.

Of course, if you require assistance then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Alternatively we would be pleased to receive your instructions to prepare the notices on your behalf and to serve them on your neighbour. If you would like us to do this then we will require your written authority to act and again we will email a standard letter to you to sign and return to us – contact us.

Please give us some details about your enquiry including your postal address, so that we know what your project consists of.