Integrated Landscape Design by ELD, our RIBA Award-Winning Chartered Landscape Architects. (Registered with the Landscape Institute)

Ely Design Group landscape design

View of an Ely Design Group design project.

Garden Design is an optional extra to our normal design package. This will allow you to have a professionally landscaped garden which your new home or extension rightly deserves. This design would be offered as a post planning service, to allow you flexibility in approach, following receipt of any Planning Permissions, or a stand alone package.

Elwood Landscape Design (ELD) is not only enthusiastic, but passionate about the creation of harmonious, external living spaces around houses. ELD has over 10 years experience in the design and implementation of private gardens, small or large, with construction values between £5,000 and £250,000.

These are demonstrated in their Garden Design Portfolio Options and on the ELD website, which outlines their philosophy and approach to both commercial and domestic garden design. Please click on the ELD logo to link to their website or Contact Us for their Garden Design Examples to review the various Portfolio Options.

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