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How To Get Your Copy Of The “Guide To Extending Your Home”

guide-to-extending-your-homeAre you considering building an extension or adding a loft conversion to your home, this valuable booklet – “GUIDE TO EXTENDING YOUR HOME – What To Expect” – will explain the steps you may need to consider, from start to finish!

Written by Allen Norman, the Managing Director of Ely Design Group, “Guide To Extending Your Home – What To Expect”, takes you through each part of the process in clear, everyday English. Browsing through it will give you a comprehensive picture of the stages you might need to negotiate, what to look out for and, of course, how to contact us for professional guidance and advice.

The “GUIDE TO EXTENDING YOUR HOME – What To Expect” is offered FREE to those people living locally – that is all the CB area, IP28, PE 14, 15, 16, 19, 27, 28, 29, 38, and SG8. It is £7.95p (by debit card), including post and packing for those living outside these areas.

To obtain your copy, please email our Office Manager, Mary, (, with your name, address and Postcode and she will arrange to send you a copy.

Alternatively, you can complete your details in this form, below.

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