Pre-Purchase On-Site Home Extension / Loft Conversion Review

Would you like an experienced Planning and Design Consultant to meet you at your new home within the next few days to discuss your proposals?

How many people have been looking to move house and seen their perfect home for sale?

A house that needs nothing doing to it other than redecorating?

For a price they are able/prepared to pay?

I would suggest that there are very few!

More often than not, they find the house they like but its rarely just how they want it – there will always be aspects of it that they would want / need to change for it to ‘work’ for how they would want to live in it.

Sometimes the house they want is too expensive so they are looking at a house which, with alterations, extensions or a loft conversion, would meet their space requirements including any financial constraints.

They can afford to buy the house and the associated costs.

They have the budget to make changes to the house so that it would meet their requirements.

The big question they have is whether they would get Planning Permission for the necessary changes.

Its about reducing their risk during this stressful ‘moving-house’ period.

If the answer is possibly, unlikely or no for what they want then they would walk away from the purchase and keep looking.

Do you recognize this scenario?

Are you in this position?

Would you like an experienced Planning and Design Consultant to meet you at your new home within the next few days to discuss your proposals?

You could ask the Council’s Planning Department but they are likely to wait for a number of weeks whilst your request is allocated to and dealt with by a Planning Officer; the Planning Officer may want drawings and an explanation so that they can understand what the proposals are before they can advise if planning is required and, if it is, whether it would be granted…meanwhile what would have been your next home was been sold!

Help is at hand!

We would be pleased to accompany you on a viewing of the property you are interested in to discuss your plans, dreams etc. and advise on the following:-

  • Is Planning Permission required?
  • Is it possible to apply for Planning Permission before you own the property?
  • What alterations could be done without Planning Permission – permitted development?
  • Does the property have the benefit of permitted development?

In addition we would be pleased to discuss the following:-

  • Building Regulations.
  • Will the Party Wall etc Act 1996 apply?
  • Timescales.
  • Pre-build costs – design fees, application costs etc.
  • Build costs – we have a collection of Builder contacts who would provide a budget estimate for the works if this is important to you.
  • Any other questions you may have.

Following the site meeting we will confirm our advice so that you either have peace of mind moving forward with your purchase OR you know that what you are trying to achieve is unlikely to be supported by the Planning Department.

This investment in your home purchase is a fraction of the asking price of the property – just 0.1% + VAT (subject to a minimum fee of £450.00 + VAT (£420.00).

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your project over the ‘phone or on a zoom/teams video call, for up to 40 minutes, then please click on this link – telephone / zoom call.

Contact Us now to arrange your Pre-Purchase Extension Review of your next home or complete the form below.

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Page updated April 2024