A Design & Access and Heritage Statement is required to accompany certain Planning Applications.

design-and-access-statementsMost Householder Planning Applications do not need a Design and Access Statement unless the property is in a Conservation Area or the property is listed. Planning applications for all other types of application will require a Design and Access Statement. The scope of the statement has now been extended so that the historic context of the application site must be considered.

This Statement gives an opportunity for us to explain the site constraints, the planning policy considerations, the planning history of the site, consultations with Planning Officers, Highways Engineers, Conservation Officers etc. the architectural design process and justify why certain decisions were taken and the resultant effect on the design.

The Design and Access Statement also requires justification relating to the accessibility of the property in terms of users and visitors to and within the property.

The Heritage part of the Statement will explain the historic importance of the site and its surroundings. It will detail with why certain decisions have been taken so that the proposals do not have a detrimental effect on the setting of a listed building and/or the Conservation Area.

The complexity of the statement is dependent on the project and is adjusted to suit each individual design project.

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