Authority to Act as your Party Wall Surveyor

We're pleased that you would like to instruct Allen Norman to act as your Party Wall Surveyor.

Please fill in your details, the quotation number (if applicable), put a tick in the boxes corresponding with the authority you are giving Allen and then click the submit button at the bottom of the form...this will send us an email with the information. If you are an agent who has the authority to make appointments on behalf of the recipient of the notice(s) then please confirm this in the relevant section.

If you are able then please attach photos / scans of the notices.

We've also included a comment box for you to add any other information for us.

Allen will then proceed in accordance with your instructions / authority.

NOTE - If you are not the owners then you will be asked to provide your name, telephone number and email address below
You may select one or more of the notice types listed above
Please provide the property address and postcode where the works are going to be carried out
Please provide the address and postcode of your property which is beside where the works are going to be carried out
Please provide your correspondance address only if it is different from your property address mentioned above.
We include the facility for you to attach the notices, drawings and any other information you have received from your neighbours at the end of this form.
An “owner” includes— (a) a person in receipt of, or entitled to receive, the whole or part of the rents or profits of land; (b) a person in possession of land, otherwise than as a mortgagee or as a tenant from year to year or for a lesser term or as a tenant at will; (c) a purchaser of an interest in land under a contract for purchase or under an agreement for a lease, otherwise than under an agreement for a tenancy from year to year or for a lesser term.
If you consent to the works then there is no dispute and therefore no need to appoint a surveyor.
Please provide any other information that you would like to bring to our attention.
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