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Quality architectural designs for new houses and bungalows, extensions and loft conversions.

Barn conversion design by Ely Design Group.

Major barns conversion design project by Ely Design Group.

Allow us to introduce you to the architectural design services which we, at Ely Design Group, can provide for you – drawings and plans for your new house or bungalow or for an extension, loft conversion or alterations/refurbishment to your existing property.

Almost all building projects will need some architectural design input. Whether to apply for Planning Permission, satisfy the Building Regulations, or even for minor projects, to describe the building works to your building contractor.

Our initial meeting to discuss the architectural design requirements for your project is always FREE. We look forward to meeting you at your convenience.

New House and Bungalow Design Projects

For new house design or bungalow design projects we will discuss your requirements, options and aspirations with you so that the building design solutions (drawings and plans) we present to you are bespoke for you and your family. We will make any amendments you require until you are entirely satisfied with the design for your new house or bungalow.

For more details please click on House Design or Bungalow Design.

“Very much looking forward to working with you next year to bring this to completion and also looking at the next phase…” 

Extensions, Loft Conversions, Alterations and Refurbishments

The building design process for extensions, loft conversions, alterations and refurbishments is slightly different because your home will place additional constraints on the architectural design solution. We will discuss your requirements and also assess any limitations of your home together with planning permission and building regulation implications. Once we understand your requirements we can present design solutions (drawings and plans) to you for your approval.

Our Approach to Your Project

Ely Design Group is flexible in our architectural building design solutions to ensure we fully meet your requirements. All Clients are extremely important to us, and some require more assistance than others and we will adjust our support accordingly.

Our aim is to not only satisfy your aspirations but also to endeavor to exceed your expectations. If required, we will prepare design drawings and plans for alterations, extensions and loft conversions ready for a Planning Application to be submitted within 36 hours of starting the measured survey.

“Just want to thank you and Mary for getting us this far – greatly appreciated.” 

Architectural Design Services in More Detail

We would be pleased to receive your instructions to carry out any one or more of the following services. For ease of reference they are listed roughly in the order that they are normally carried out in the building design and then pre-contract and post-contract stages of a construction project. Please click on the icon or the ‘further details’ links for additional detailed information:-

Design Services

feasibility-studiesFeasibility Studies – We will assess your project requirements and advise you about the chances of a successful outcome – in other words a reality check – click for further details.

measured-building-surveysMeasured & Leveled Land & Building Surveys – highly accurate computer-based surveying equipment is used to measure your property – click for further details.

existing-drawings-plansExisting Drawings/Plans – Preparation of drawings/plans of the site features (new houses and bungalows) or existing plans and elevations (for extensions) – click for further details.

drawings-sketch-plansDesign Drawings/Sketch Plans – Here we prepare the drawings showing the proposed design. This will consist of floor plans, elevations and the site plan – click for further details.

artists-impressionArtist’s Impression – Would an artist’s impression help you to visualize your new property or extension? – click for further details.

design-and-accessPreparation of the Design and Access Statements – A detailed justification of the building design decisions made during the design process – click for further details.

planning-office-discussionsPre-application Discussions with Planning Officers and Conservation Officers – Informal discussions to gauge the Planner’s response prior to a formal Planning Application.

pre-application-discussionsPre-Application Discussions with Highways Engineers – For new projects, the access is an important aspect which can be agreed in advance with the Council’s Highways Engineer.

building-control-discussionsPre-Application Discussions with Building Control – For more complex proposals, this stage allows us to determine the requirements of the Building Regulations at an earlier stage.

submission-planning-applicationSubmission of Planning Applications – Where permitted development rights do not apply a Planning Application will be required – click for further details.

preparation-working-drawingsPreparation of Working Drawings – Once Planning Permission is obtained (if required) the drawings are developed into the working drawings – how to build it – click for further details.

building-regulations-applicationsBuilding Regulation Applications – The working drawings are submitted to Building Control Department to check compliance with the Building Regulations – click for further details.

party-wall-act-cambridgeshireThe Party Wall etc. Act 1996 – We will advise you about the implications of the Act. We will serve the notice(s) and act as your Party Wall Surveyor – click for further details.

Pre-Contract Services

If, once the statutory approvals are in place, you feel that you would like some additional assistance with your project during the pre-contact phase then we are able to provide these services for you as follows:-

tender-ducumentationTender Documentation – These include additional drawings for things like electrical layouts, finishes schedules, window and door schedules etc. – click for further details.

building-contract-adviceBuilding Contract Advice – Discuss the contract terms under which you want to employ your Building Contractor – click for further details.

detailed-schedule-of-worksDetailed Specification and Schedules of Works – Detailed documents describing the contract terms, quality standards and the building works for pricing. – click for further details.

tender-analysisTender Analysis – We will assess the Contractors tender return (their price and any conditions) and advise you accordingly – click for further details.

Post Contract Services

We would be pleased to assist you during the construction phase of the project. Here are the services that we can provide to make the process easier:

project-monitoringProject Monitoring and Contract Administration – Site inspections to check compliance with the contract and issuing contract-defined documentation – click for further details.

snagging-inspectionsSnagging Inspections – An inspection of the works and preparation of a list of defects which need to be remedied and the end of the contract and then after 3 / 6 / 12 months.

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