3D Architectural Visualisations

Alongside our architectural design services we can now provide photo-realistic 3D imaging for your project to help you visualise what we have designed.
Seeing a 3D artists impression of their architectural design project helps many of our clients to confirm their view of a proposed new development or specific improvements to an existing property.

The 3d Visualisation Process

The technology we use at Ely Design Group calls upon the detail of your original 2d drawings from which we create an authentic 3D architectural representation. In the hands of an experienced 3D architectural visualiser, these can be transformed into static images, video and property walk-arounds which really help our clients to picture their home or development in a very life-like situation.

Quite clearly this facility is not required on all projects and so we offer it as an option at any stage of the design process.

The easiest way to explain what is achievable is to show you examples as follows:

Firstly, photo-realistic images of your property in a generic background


Video of the external appearance of the property, extension etc

Internal 360-degree panoramic

Coming soon – walkthroughs

Builder’s, Developer’s & Estate Agents

The 3d visualisation service we offer to our clients is also available to Builders, Developers and Estate Agents who want to create life-like photo-quality images and videos for prospective clients and for exceptionally powerful sales promotion material. It is important that you are aware that our service can include whole developments as well as one-off new build projects.

The Process

Initially, we need to discuss specifically what you wish to achieve to confirm that we can actually create what you are looking for. Once this is clear, we will provide you with a detailed brief and a fixed price quotation. If acceptable, we then need a copy of your final 2d plans for the project so that our 3d Visualiser can start to draw them up.

Please feel free to call the office for more information or to request this service.